Digital Transformations That Work


Don't you think too much lip service is paid to digital transformation programmes? If so you're probably not surprised to hear that more than 70%*  fail? * (source: McKinsey, IDC) 

With our 4 steps CADS methodology (Concrete, Agile, Dynamic and Strategic) we help individuals and organisations experience, understand and leverage better technology in a practical way. We make digital transformation work. 

At first we may help you develop a laser-focussed approach on value creation with one of the upcoming techniques: process mining. Secondly, we help your people learn, develop and share knowledge, collaborate and work in an agile way (with the connect|share|lead® methodology). Thirdly we help you discover and use the additional levers needed for your company's specific digital transformation. And to conclude we guide you with the implementation of these levers and, help you measure your digital maturity and design a strategic vision.

This way you're improving the digital maturity of your people and organisation (impacting knowledge, skills and attitudes), shaping a new and technology driven organisation and culture and, realizing very fast concrete business results.

As a result your company will increase its customer focus, reach higher levels of operational efficiency and thrive in a digital economy.

CADS, Noludits four steps methodology.

We help you in a practical way.

  • How to develop a Digital Culture.
  • Digital Maturity: the result of measuring.
  • YourWorkWeb, your fast track to transformation.

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